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What are our Core Values?

These are the values the driving force behind what we do.

Cenla Independent Insurance Core Values

Our Values are divided up into five pillars. They are Internal, Social, Learning, Heartbeat and Champion. These values come from our team members. They also have become the foundation of our Immutable Laws.



Our Internal Values are traits that define what drives us from within. They are Integrity, Honesty, Genuine, Authenticity, Respect and Inviting.



The Social Values come from our desire to be a difference among those we work with. Community, Local, Solidarity and Active describe how we want to help. Solidarity is a word not used that often, though it means to have a unity or agreement of feeling or action.



Learning is the next value. If we are not learning, we are not growing. Our Learning Values are Knowledge, Expertise, Judiciousness, Professional, Detailed and Observant. These are all aspects of learning. Judiciousness is defined as showing good sound judgment in wise decisions.



Our Heartbeat Values is that which would be thought of. It really helps us relate to those that we work with. The Heartbeat Values are Compassion, Empathy, Charity, Helpful and Caring. We are here to hear the stories of those we help and these values empower that force.



The Champion Values are those for the people we serve and represent. Advocacy, Loyalty, Responsibility, Honor Family Life and Sanctity for Life best describe the Champion Values.

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