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Billboards Build Recognition

No matter where you live, you see them everyday if you are out and about on the highways. They are at crossroads, traffic lights and other times, just randomly on the side of the road.


We share a few of our billboard ads a bit on our Facebook page. It’s not that we want to be intruding or even over indulging. It’s more so for a reminder that we are here and that insurance is what we do.

If you are on Highway 1 in Echo heading to Alexandria you will see one of our billboards. We have a second location coming soon to another spot on Highway 1. If you’re stuck in five o’clock traffic on Highway 28 East, you could possibly see our digital ad on the digital billboard across from Southern Classic Chicken.

Send us a photo if you do see them.

Our billboards might not be so fancy, but they’re simple and straight to the point. You have on average eight seconds or less depending on traffic to read them. Think about design. In the states, we read left to right. And our eyes are drawn to things that stand out. So, choosing a red background, yes, it was intentional.

The first two words that you probably will read are “medicare” and “insurance” when looking at the billboard. Then you’ll notice that the phone number is the biggest piece of information on there. Yes, again, intentional. Will you be able to get the number the first time? Probably not unless you have a photographic memory. Though, the more you see it, the more you will place the information in your mind.

And when someone asks, do you know where to get health or medicare insurance, it’s our hope that you’ll remember seeing our billboard!

And don't forget, "If you can't look 'em in the eye, don't buy!"

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