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Why choose a bridge?

As you have seen, the Gills Long Bridge, better known as the Jackson Street Bridge has been our logo for many years now. Have you ever wondered why that is?

Well, it has an iconic look that has been spanning our community for years. And the thing with that bridge is, it connects two important parts of our community, Pineville and Alexandria downtowns. And that's the point, it's all about connecting communities.

Here at Cenla Independent Insurance Brokers, we want to be the bridge between you and the insurance providers. After being in the insurance business for over eleven years, we've learned a lot about the industry. We've connected to many of the providers. We've learned what insurances work best with a variety of situations.

As parts of the Simon and Garfunkel song says,

"Like a bridge over troubled water

I will lay me down

Like a bridge over troubled water

I will lay me down"

"Like a bridge over troubled water

I will ease your mind"

We want the best of you and your family. We're not just saying that to sound all nice and pretty. It's very important that you have the best available to you. And so, we choose to be a bridge for the community.

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