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Medicare Celebrity Insurance Sales Reps.

If you've been watching tv, during the day, it's very likely that you've seen the sports and television celebrities selling insurance and offering several "extra" options. These are services that you already will get upon signing up for Medicare. One says, "Medicare Part C plans with extra get money back...added back to your social security check every month..."

Don't be deceived. Both those celebrities are using the same script with just a few words changed here and there. They use these fake testimonials from paid actors just reading lines off of a script. Don't be deceived.

They say, "Call 1-800-Freeeee" and get your information just to mislead you.

Instead, you should call, "1-800-Me" so that you can talk to a local licensed insurance agent, schedule an appointment and sit across from me face to face. By saying call 1-800-Me (318-704-6200), it's not about "me," Stephen, personally, it's about you getting the honest best option available for you. Give me and my team a call today so that we can rightfully lead you into the best plan for you.

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